The Outspoken Cyclist – 9/30/2017

Last show of September, and it’s a good one.

Ian Dille, author of The Price of Gold and The Cyclist’s Bucket List (in addition to about a gazillion articles for Bicycling, Outside, Men’s Journal, and more) and, who has been a guest in the past, has taken the lead in a new on-line digital content site for cycling –

Based in Austin, Texas, Ian will now be responsible for what is hoped to be “the” place to go for great bike racing – in all disciplines.

The subscription site is up and running; and, new content is going up daily.

Then, I snagged Brian for a conversation about a myriad of topics from our tandem to tubeless tires. It’s light, fun, and full of the kinds of information we discuss on a daily basis.

Finally, author Paul Maunder joins me from London, England to discuss his new book, Rainbow in the Mud; Inside the Intoxicating World of Cyclocross.  It’s a delightful book, covering the 2015/2016 cross season leading up to the worlds.

It’s a three-fer today…