Outspoken Cyclist – 4/7/2018

We begin this week with a conversation about statistics with Russ Rader, VP of Communications at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. What we learn is that there is a lot of research going on to help stakeholders such as insurance companies, automobile manufacturers, and government learn about what things do and don’t work to make drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists safer. And, there is a LOT of useful information available on the site!

Russ and I talk about the increase in cyclists’ fatalities, what might have happened with the autonomous vehicle that struck and killed the pedestrian walking her bike across the street, and what recommendations are being made to change the behavior of distracted drivers.

Then, it’s off to Texas to talk with Officer (Lt.) Wren Nealy.  Wren is the president of IPMBA – The International Police Mountain Bike Association.  He’s also an EMT with the Cypress Creek EMS, and a retired  Police Lieutenant.  Once again, the conversation goes to  safety, how bicycle patrols work, and what cyclists should remember while on the road. And, we talk about the bike medic response team!

Lastly, Dr. Albert Rizzo, Senior Medical Advisor, American Lung Association and Section Chief, Pulmonary Medicine, Christiana Care Health System, Newark DE, explains what IPF – Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis is and how it is often misdiagnosed.  It’s another disease that affects mostly men – and in the prime of their lives.

Enjoy the show!