Outspoken Cyclist – 8/4/2018

As promised, I am joined this week by the iconic and venerable Dave Moulton.

Now in his 80′s, I would venture to say that he’s still as sassy, interesting, and well informed as he was in the heyday of his frame building – which we will discuss.

As you will hear, he’s built thousands of frames, written books and writes songs, and has a wickedly good sense of humor.

He recalls his days as a boy in England as well as his reasons for riding a bicycle in the first place.

He’ll remind of us terms we haven’t heard in years, give us his views on carbon, eBikes, and sew-up tires, and offer us his ideas on geometry and frame sizing.

Also, if you want to see Dave perform his song, The Ass Song – yep, you heard that correctly! You can go to You Tube and type in MUFIC Songwriter of the month Dec 2016: David Moulton – I guarantee, you will be singing the chorus by the end of the 5:43 second video.

There are quite a few interesting videos with Dave that will pop up too. You might want to grab an adult beverage and plan to spend some time.

I’m sure we missed something; but, we do end with the promise of another visit some time soon.

I hope you enjoy listening to the conversation as much as I enjoyed being engaged in it.


On the Air

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Radiohead Karma Police @4:17
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Annuals Down the Mountain @4:05
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