Outspoken Cyclist – 8/18/18

Ah yes 8-18-18… for those who like such things!

This week, it’s a chat about the road cyclist’s worst nightmare – right hooks!  EXCEPT, this is about a study that is trying to figure out how and why these things are happening.

Linda Poon from CityLab’s August 13th article, Science Tackles the Right Hook; Biking’s Most Feared Crash, looks at the small but telling study that took place as part of a much larger initiative to discover how to change drivers’ behavior…

Then, our friend Greg Priddy offers his Op-Ed piece – “The Evolution of the Wheel” – from the what goes around comes around department of bicycle componentry.  It’s quite entertaining and not untrue!

Finally, it an in-depth conversation with the founder and operations manager of Dirty Kanza.

Jim Cummins and LeLan Dains are 100% committed to this event and it shows.  This past June, 2750 riders slogged through the 200 mile, one-day ride through the hills, mud, prairie grass, and gravel of Emporia, Kansas – and happily so.

The event is considered the Wrold’s Premier Gravel Grinder.  “Hear All About It”.



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