Outspoken Cyclist – 8/10/2019

This week, we have two very different conversations for you – one about a book, but not really all about a book, and another with our friend Dr. Jonathan Hersch, but not really about orthopedic matters.

Cryptic enough?

Okay, let’s start with Dr. Hersch. We had already decided we were going to discuss what happens in crashes and emergency-type treatments when he had an incident last Sunday that really disturbed him; and, he wanted to discuss it.

Fortunately, he wasn’t injured and he didn’t crash – but, what MIGHT have happened has spurred him to take on an advocacy role in the his home state of Florida – which touts the depressing statistic of being the deadliest state in the U.S. in which to ride your bike. We’ll get to that conversation in a moment.

After a break, including some cycling news, we’ll head to the U.K. for a long-awaited chat with Luke Edwardes-Evans about his new book, The Official Tour de France Bike Maintenance Book.

Luke isn’t a mechanic, he’s a journalist; and, I couldn’t remember where I’d seen his name, besides on the cover of the book.

But, as we started talking I realized – he had been editor of Winning Magazine and a past editor of Cycle Sport!
Luke and I cover a lot of territory in our lively conversation- including some of his roles in the cycling world and, oh yes, we talk about the book too!


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