Outspoken Cyclist – 11/16/2019

Guests: Will McGough; Jen Dial Santoro

This week, the cycling world lost Raymond Poulidor. M. Poulidor was a true champion whom, although never riding into Paris wearing the yellow jersey, stood on the podium at the Tour de France in second place three times and third place five times!

He rode his entire career for the Mercier team, chasing his two big rivals – Jaques Anqutiel and Eddy Merckxx – fierce competitors for sure. He did win the 1964 Vuelta a Espana!
Raymond Poulidor, who was 83 when we passed away this week, was revered by the French people. RIP sir!

My first guest is a travel writer who decided to take on an Ironman triathlon – for literary sake. Will McGough‘s new book, “Swim, Bike, Bonk: Confessions of a Reluctant Triathlete”, is an account of his foray into what it takes to do such a thing – digging into the psyche of those who are beyond passionate to the point of obsession with pursuit of the achievement that is the “mother of all endurance events.”



This week begins the first of our holiday gift segments. My guest, Jen Dial Santoro, is a Cleveland native (well, she’d say Lakewood – which is a ring suburb on the west side of Cleveland) now living in Utah. She worked in a bike shop for 10 years, successfully raced mountain and cyclocross, and currently skiis, rides her e-assist “bucket bike” with her two kids, and writes for a variety of publications. What’s really cool is that everything she’s going to talk about today lives in her house with her. She’ll be with me in the second half of the show.

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