Outspoken Cyclist – 1/18/2020

Hey – welcome to the show this week. The podcast is running a tad long – BUT, I really was enjoying the interviews and didn’t want to chop them up too much. PLUS, I think the show is interesting and well worth the listen (of course I do!)

First topic is the incredible response that we got from our FB question last week – what material(s) are you riding. There were well over 100 people weighing in and, as expected, lots of carbon and aluminum. A fair amount of steel and, to my surprise, a pretty generous smattering of titanium.

This week’s question – how many bikes do you currently have?  This ought to be interesting!

We begin the show this week with Eve Kofsky and Roger Strauss – the long time ride directors of the Georgia Tandem Rally. The GTR (because isn’t everything an acronym???) is unique in that Eve and Roger have always been the ones to produce the event as opposed to many other tandem rallies that are hosted by different clubs in their respective regions around the U.S.

And, because of their continual involvement and their attention to detail, they see an enormous number of tandem teams return year after year. Eve and Roger will be up momentarily.

Guest #2 this week is about to turn 20 years old. He’s a student at the University of Vermont and was just picked as part of the US U23 World CX team.

What’s truly endearing about Sam Noel is his appreciation for his team, his sponsors, USA Cycling, and the outpouring that came in to help him get to Switzerland at the end of the month to race for the US.

And, finally, I speak with Joy Hancock, the director of Bike Florida.

For many, many years – in fact for 25 years – I have thought of Bike Florida as a week-long ride around and across the state.

BUT, that’s not the case now. Today, Bike Florida is all about advocacy, tourism, and making Florida a safe, fun, and economically successful place to ride your bike.