Outspoken Cyclist – 12/12/2020

We have a most interesting show today, highlighting two amazing people and the work that they do.

His voice is unmistakable and his ability to recall facts, figures, names, dates, and stages of any continental race for the past 4+ decades is staggering. Yes, my guest today is Phil Liggett.   

Spending the 2020 cycling season at home in England, Phil Liggett was able to continue in his role as the voice of  the TdF this year with the help of NBC, technology, and Bob Roll – who was in Connecticut.  (How cool is today’s technology anyway?)

While we spoke of the 2020 season, what he believes will happen in 2021 and going forward, and other-things-bike, what we finally came to focus on was a new project that is near and dear to him – the Paul Sherwen Project.

Her voice is persistent, compelling, and gets amazing results as a professional cyclist, author, filmmaker and activist for women’s rights

After our break, we’ll speak with Kathryn Bertine, whose  documentary Half the Road still garners a regular royalty check 6 years later, signed her first professional cycling contract at the age of 37 only to  experience being benched for one year, suffering verbal and physical abuse from the manager and staff.

Still, she kept standing up and speaking out, using journalism, filmmaking and Change.org petitions to effect change – gathering over 100,000 signatures to bring back La Course – the Tour de France for women. We hear more of the story in the second half of the show.