Radiothon 2021: Come Together for WJCU

The last year has been challenging in so many ways, but through it all WJCU has been right by your side. Now we’re asking you to be there for us and Come Together for WJCU during our annual Radiothon. This year’s fundraiser runs between Friday, Feb. 12 and Sunday, Feb. 21 with the goal of raising money to keep the station up and running for the year ahead. 

As always, there are two ways to donate. You can give us a call at 216-397-4438 and one of our live in-studio staff members will be glad to assist in filling out the donation form on your behalf. Or you can do it yourself online, right here at

Similar to past Radiothon we are offering a number of WJCU branded premiums to say THANKS for your support. This year’s list of premiums looks a bit different. Due to the ongoing pandemic we are not able to offer guest DJ appearances at this time. However, we are adding a $75 call-in only donation level called “Pick The Playlist,” which allows you to choose up to 10 songs for a host to play during their show. 

Here is the full list of this year’s premiums…

$25: WJCU Lanyard or Card Holder
$40: $10 Merchant of the Day Gift Card (The Heights)*
$40: DJ Special (Genre Show)*
$50: WJCU Lanyard and Card Holder
$60: 2021 Radiothon Logo T-shirt
$75: Pick the Playlist*
$80: WJCU Umbrella

*Call in Only Premiums

You’ll notice the Merchant of the day premium is back again this year, with some new businesses joining the fold. We are thrilled to welcome the Winking Lizard and Barrio to the roster of merchants in 2021! 

This year’s list of merchants includes: The Exchange (Monday), Barrio (Tuesday), Winking Lizard (Wednesday), Pizzazz on the Circle (Thursday) and Melt Bar and Grilled (Friday). To receive a $10 gift card to one of these local eateries please call in on the corresponding day and make a pledge of $40 during The Heights.

We are so grateful for the contributions from all five of these merchants for Radiothon 2021. Their presence and continued support uring our annual fundraiser is a special part of the premium list each year. 

If you’re someone who is new to, or unfamiliar with Radiothon get up to speed on the event here

Last but not least, THANK YOU in advance for your support during Radiothon 2021!