Outspoken Cyclist – 4/23/2022

It’s a milestone.  Today, is our 600th episode!  Yep – 600… and looking back to that very first episode in September, 2010, it just doesn’t seem possible that it’s been over 11 years! 

I was asked recently about my affiliation with WJCU – the radio station that has been home to the outspoken cyclist since 2010.

In fact, WJCU is still the home of the show.  Even though there is no longer a broadcast, you can always find the recent episode at wjcu.org as well as your subscription via a podcast app or at outspokencyclist.com.

And, if you’re looking for great programming – music, local sports, and more – you can always tune in to 88.7FM in NE Ohio or wjcu.org online.

I am eternally grateful for the station’s continued support!

This week, we are going to talk about Vision Zero and why it is achieving its goals across the globe – except for the U.S.

When on-the-road fatalities are down 30-50% in other countries, they are up by double digits in some states here. 

And, David Zipper thinks we need to get mad – really mad – to bring attention to the carnage that is happening on our roads.

David is a visiting fellow at Harvard-Kennedy School’s Taubman Center for State and Local Government.  He is a contributing writer at Bloomberg City Lab and has written extensively for Slate, the Washington Post, The Atlantic, and Wired.

His abiding interests in cities, mobility, transportation, and safety along with his broad and deep background in government, finance, and more, have all combined to give him a unique and authoritative perspective on what we need to do to get our heads on straight about how we live and how we move.