Outspoken Cyclist – 12/17/2022

Over the past twelve plus years, we’ve spoken with many frame builders and today, we have t he privilege of speaking with an American builder who has been living and working in Italy for several decades.

Darren Crisp didn’t start out as a frame builder – in fact, he has a degree in architecture, decided he wasn’t such a great architect, and began building very exclusive stores for an Italian company.

But, there’s so much more to the story and I’ll let him tell it.

I caught up with Darren in between his usual shop-time and home-time, which are separate and the same.

My thanks to Darren Crisp for the great conversation today.

Clearly Darren is someone who thinks deeply about his work, is easily able to articulates his ideas, and has a broad set of interests. 

You can find out more at crisptitanium.com and follow him on social media.

Thank you for tuning in to TOC.  I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Darren.

This episode is dropping on the night before Hannukah, so for all who celebrate, eat a latke for me and enjoy the holiday. 

Next episode, we speak with Patrick Greenwood about his new novel, “Sunrise in Saigon.”  It’s a self-discovery story about Jack Kendall as he bicycles through Viet Nam.  In addition to the story, all the proceeds of the sales of the book go to a helmet program for the children of Viet Nam.  Win-win!