Outspoken Cyclist – 3/11/2023

You may remember in my last episode that I spoke about how so many publications – both print and online – have either ceased to exist, have become shadows of their formers selves, or have laid or and/or fired their very best reporters, editors, photographers, and more.

So, out of the ashes rises the phoenix as they say and that phoenix is called the Escape Collective.

Along with Caley Fretz, who was the editor in chief of Velo News, a slew of these top-notch journalists have come together to offer up a product just for you – not for advertisers, not for clicks or page views – just for you.

This is airing on March 11th, and the full site should launch in the next 7-10 days.

Escape Collective isn’t free – which is exactly the point – since we all know you get what you pay for!

I know there have been other ideas to bring a more cohesive product to the marketplace, but given the stellar players – Caley, James Huang, and others whose names you will recognize from their past work – and the commitment they are making, I think it’s going to be a huge success.

I hope you agree.  Go to excapecollective.cc and take a look around.  Remember, if you work in a bike shop, you can join for $10 a year.  That’s less than a 6-pack of Great Lakes’ Dortmunder.  (For those who live, work, drink in NE Ohio… and beyond)

I’ll have a new episode of the show up next week.  And, in the meantime, I hope you stay safe, stay well and remember, there is always time for a ride.  Bye Bye