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Those Sports Guys: Episode 005

by on 2015-08-18

Episode 004: The show where the guys lose track of time talking about fast food, analyze the Browns first preseason game, decide which one of them needs to go on suspension, and try and navigate the Chief Wahoo issue. This show originally aired on WJCU-2 on August 17, 2015. Hosts: Dale Armbruster and John Kosko [...]


Those Sports Guys: Episode 004

by on 2015-08-14

Episode 004: The show where the guys can’t go live so they do a podcast instead, ponder what Future Dale and Future John will be like, laud the Indians for admitting a mistake, and talk some golf. This show did not air on WJCU-2. Hosts: Dale Armbruster and John Kosko Listen to live episodes on [...]


Those Sports Guys: Interview with Gab Kreuz

by on 2015-08-12

This interview was recorded on August 10, 2015. The interview in which the guys talk with an old friend and talk about the issues facing women in sports. Check out Love Doesn’t Shove on Twitter to hear more about Gabriella Kreuz’s inspiring story and drive to raise awareness and help domestic violence survivors. Co-hosts: Dale [...]


Those Sports Guys: Episode 003

by on 2015-08-07

Episode 003: The show where the guys analyze the Indians moves at the trade deadline, hope the suspensions of top players don’t hurt the Buckeyes, and go off the rails a bit when the Browns get mentioned.


Those Sports Guys: Episode 002

by on 2015-07-28

Episode 002: The show where the guys decide that it’s time to bury the hopes of the 2015 Cleveland Indians, celebrate the re-signing of Matthew Dellavedova, preview Browns training camp and interview their first guest.


Those Sports Guys: Episode 001

by on 2015-07-23

Episode 001: The show where two guys decide that sports talk needs a fresh start, ponder the struggles of the Indians, ask whether Browns fans should have any hope, and pick an Ohio State quarterback.


WJCU Sports: NCAA Tournament Coverage Alert

by on 2014-02-27

WBB: Spahar breaks all-time scoring record

by on 2014-02-22

Missy Spahar breaks the all-time scoring record for JCU women’s basketball, passing Lee Jennings. Dale Armbruster has the call.


WBB: #23 JCU vs. Marietta (02/22/14)

by on 2014-02-22

John Carroll’s women’s basketball team defeated Marietta in the final regular season game, clinching the OAC tournamnet #2 seed. The final score was 88-65, and senior Missy Spahar broke the all-time scoring record in the second half.


WJCU-2 Programming Update

by on 2014-01-19

JCU Women’s Basketball vs. Marietta will air on Saturday afternoon at 2:30!

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