Minding Your Business

Minding Your Business- Technology With Advertisements

by on 2017-05-21

In this episode, DB has guests join to talk about the increasing use of technology when it comes to advertising.


Minding Your Business- All in the Family

by on 2017-05-02

DB and her guests discuss what it is like being a part of a family business on this episode of Minding Your Business.


Minding Your Business- Fit for Duty

by on 2017-03-29

Dr. Roy Buchinsky and Evan Daiber join the show to discuss how to stay active and healthy during the workday at the office.


Minding Your Business- Golden Gloves: Conflict Management

by on 2017-03-27

This episode of Minding Your Business features DB and her guests giving tips on how to handle conflict management in the workplace.


Minding Your Business- Salary Transparency

by on 2017-03-15

DB and  her guests talking about what can, and can’t, be shared when it comes to how much you make in the workplace.


Minding Your Business- Boler Business

by on 2017-03-15

On this live edition during Radiothon 2017, DB has students and the director of the Boler School of Business at John Carroll University to discuss their business strategies, and what they’re learning.


Minding Your Business- New Year, New You, New Desk

by on 2017-02-01

In the first episode of the new year, DB and her guests discuss how to start off the new year in the office by looking at the benefits of cleaning and rearranging your desk.


The Grey Ceiling

by on 2016-12-14

Db and her guests talk about the age around retirement and how it has changed, and the style of work and treatment for the workers on this edition of Minding Your Business.


Minding Your Business- Retail Trends

by on 2016-12-09

On this edition of Minding Your Business, guests John McGough and Will Hernandez talk about the latest trends in retail shopping with DB.


Minding Your Business – Know Your Worth

by on 2016-12-02

This edition of Minding Your Business includes DB talking about how much an employee is actually worth in the workplace with her guests.