The Outspoken Cyclist – 09/10/2011

With Labor Day (the official end of summer vacation season) just behind us, and Interbike (the official start of new bicycle product introductions) coming up next week, we take the opportunity to catch up with what’s happening on the ground these days in Pittsburgh and in Oregon.

We first welcome Scott Bricker, Executive Director of Bike Pittsburgh. We often think about Portland and NYC as the epicenters of cycling culture in the U.S., but Scott and his team over in Steeltown have done, and continue to do some amazing things in the ten-year history of this organization. Seems that professional football is not the only area where Pittsburgh is ahead of Cleveland these days. But the Browns have a new coach, and Cleveland is holding a Bike Summit this weekend, so there’s hope on both fronts.

After Diane brings us up to date on the news, she chats with framebuilder Eric Estlund of Winter Bicycles and the Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association, in Springfield, Oregon. The OBCA will be hosting the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show in conjunction with the Day of the Dead Cyclocross Festival in Bend, Oregon at the end of October. Eric not only fills us in on all these events, but also talks about his ‘fit and functional’ design philosophy at Winter Bikes.

And after you’ve listened, your bike is waiting, and the air is cool(er). It’s time for an early fall ride!