Outspoken Cyclist – 2/22/20

Tonight, we meet one of – if not the only – female bicycle mechanic on the pro cyclocross circuit. Brenna Wrye-Simpson started out as a music major; but, when she needed an inexpensive ride for transportation, she found herself taking in all that the two local bikes shops near her college in Portland, Oregon could offer.

She also fell in with a group of cyclists – from there, Brenna not only started working at the bike shop, she also began what is now a professional road racing career AND manages her employer’s shop women’s CX team.

Then, we meet us with Elli Sias. When Elli had exhausted all the bicycle tours she could find in the time she had available to her and found her life partner on one of those tours, it became crystal clear that she needed to start her own touring company.

Together with Dennis Hughes, Elli started Cycle of Life Adventures; and, one of them accompanies every tour they offer. We’ll meet Elli in the second half of the show.


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Peter and the Wolf Lightness @3:02
Jimmy Eat World Bleed American @2:57
Seaway Apartment @2:54
Forward Russia Nine @2:50
Nekromantix Dial 666 @2:47
Mice Parade Tales of Las Negras @2:41
Against Me! Miami @2:36
Lackthereof Locked Up @2:33
The Faint I Treat You Wrong @2:29
Tokyo Police Club Centennial @2:27
Jens Lekman Rocky Dennis' Farewell Song @2:22

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