Outspoken Cyclist – 3/7/2020

First up is the advocacy organization in Greenville, SC – Bike Walk Greenville. While it may not be the oldest advocacy group in the U.S. it must certainly be one of the most productive having several BIG projects accomplished in what must be record time.

And, this past week, after browsing an enormous 400+ page document to be presented at the Greenville City Council meeting, Bike Walk Greenville’s executive director, Frank Mansbach found 2 pages that detailed adding sharrows to 13 streets.

THAT was on a Saturday and with some quick phone calls to his executive board, Frank had gotten his advocates lined up and signed up to speak at the council meeting the following Monday. And, damn if they didn’t make their

Then, it’s off to Northern Kentucky for a chat with Joe Braun, ride director for a new event, The Licking Valley Century, which is part of the Kentucky Cycling Challenge this spring and summer.  Scheduled for June 27th, the inaugural ride sounds like a real winner.

Finally, not leaving my own backyard without some early spring acknowledgment, I reached out to Jacob Van Sickle, the executive director of Bike Cleveland to get a quick update on how we’re doing – and, I’m pleased to say we’re doing really well. But, we’ll let him tell you how!