Fall sounds different on WJCU

Everything is a little different right now, but the show goes on here at WJCU. And as summer winds down and fall is just around the corner, we are excited to unveil our Fall 2020 Programming Schedule.

This season’s biggest changes come with a handful of shows you’ve come to enjoy shifting to new places on the schedule. With John Carroll fall sports postponed until the spring, the new schedule features some revamped sports programming covering an hour on Friday night and a two hour window on Saturday morning. Read details of all our changes below or check out the full schedule here.


Friday, 11:30 pm – 12:30 am: Sweet Talk with Quinn and Michael
Quinn and Michael interview interesting people in the Cleveland area in the sports/entertainment industry.


Saturday, 7 – 8 am: Under Center – Kyle Kelly and Spencer German:
As part of a two hour block of sports talk on Saturday mornings, Kyle and Spencer get together to talk about everything going on in the world of football.


Monday, 10 – Midnight: Matt’s Gamut with Matt Genre?
Oh no, it’s not just a genre. It’s all of them! Favorites, new music, analysis, and just pure fun energy. Running for almost six years, host and producer Matt Hribar delivers surprising combinations of the music he likes, loves, and “tests out”. Join him for quite the ride.

Tuesday, 10 – Midnight: The Blue Room with Mort
The Blue Room brings you a compilation of rock and roll music from the pop rock sounds of the early ’60s through the hard rock, psychedelic, and prog rock era of the late ’60s and ’70s. Combine this with the masterful blues sounds by the old time artists such as Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters to today’s greats like Albert Castiglia and Popa Chubby.

Wednesday, 8 -10 pm: Tenacious Twenties with Olivia
Tenacious Twenties is a show with two sisters talking about the wild lives they lead as a college student and recent college grad. Playing a variety of great, upbeat jams to make you dance, showcasing indie, alternative, rock, classic rock, and EDM music. Listen in for great songs and engaging, imaginative conversation!

Wednesday, 10 pm – Midnight: Catnap with Frank
A show devoted to extraordinary female vocalists across genres, with a subtle leaning toward alternative performances from the ’90s.

Thursday, 10 – Midnight: Music for Asylums with Jeff
Music for Asylums features ambient, darkwave, world fusion, and diverse instrumental genres of music. Emphasis is given to new releases, but old favorite artists are also featured.


Monday, 10 pm – Midnight: Choons Tunes with Jane

Tuesday, 1 – 2 am: Sax After Dark with Michelle

Wednesday, Midnight – 1 am: Living In Oblivion with Frank

Thursday, 10 pm – Midnight: Not a Phase – Brandi