See what’s new this spring, on WJCU

2020 was quite a year, so some change could do us some good. That’s why, We’re excited to unveil some big adjustments coming to our Spring Semester programming schedule beginning on Sunday, Jan. 17.

First and foremost, our most notable change comes in the form of a retiring show as we bid farewell to Marty and his show Madcat Blue, which has been a staple on Tuesday night’s over the last decade.

Here are all the programming adjustments you can expect this spring!

JCU Spotlight – Wednesday, 12:30 – 1 pm … Our general manager Jasen takes on a new project: a John Carroll centric half hour podcast that will focus on interesting topics, people and events at JCU.
The Fourth Dimension – Wednesday, 10 pm – mid … Dave Swanson starts a new endeavor to go along with Vive Le Rock, that focuses on the adventures in psychedelia, dub, progressive, jazz, and other sonic explorations.
Code M Radio ShowSunday, 6 – 7 am … CODE M Media Group publishes a digital magazine and produces a weekly radio show that focuses on the emotional, financial, physical, psychological and spiritual wellness of men of color. This show will find a nice home on Sunday mornings replacing syndicated show, Inside Europe.
The Outspoken Cyclist – Monday, 12:30 – 1 pm … We retire syndicated podcast 51% and will be moving Diane’s 30 minute version of the Outspoken Cyclist from its Saturday morning timeslot to Monday afternoon.
Tenacious Twenties – Tuesday, 8 – 10 pm … With students gearing up to return to campus for the spring semester, Olivia moves from late night on Wednesday and takes over this now vacant Tuesday night slot.
TEMPORARILY: Sweet Talk Friday, Mid – 2 am During the upcoming Blue Streaks’ football season, Sweet Talk will make a temporarily move from Friday night to Friday Morning for a few weeks.