Outspoken Cyclist – 3/20/2021

I want to begin this week’s show with a statement and a question.

We 100% support the wearing of bicycle helmets – for everyone.  That said,  should there be a legal mandate insisting that everyone wear one when riding?

We begin with Kings County, Washington, into which Seattle’s boundaries fall.  It’s had a bicycle helmet law on the books for YEARS.  The law was marginally enforced for a while and then enforcement just sort of dropped off.  However, citations are still being issued. 

That begged several questions – why had it dropped off?  And, if citations are still being issued, what are the circumstances around that?

Now, that law is being challenged and there is a campaign to have it struck down. I speak with PhD student Ethan  Campbell – whose field of study is not even remotely connected to the topic of bicycle helmets by the way – and to Paul Tolme, content strategy and media relations manager for the Cascade Bicycle Club out in Seattle.

Then, we do a quick check-in with journalist Joe Lindsey.  Like me, he watches the news carefully for bicycle-related stories and we both caught the story about former NBA star Shawn Bradley who was seriously injured back in January while riding his bike.  And while t hat’s a big story unto itself, it is the media’s coverage that irked both of us.

From renown news outlets such as cbsnews, espn, , abc, tmz, and more, the reporting about former NBA star Shawn Bradley, is just wrong. As we have had drilled into our heads over the past few years, these are not ACCIDENTS – they are crashes. 

And, since I always like Joe’s straight forward thinking on these types of things, I knew he would have some helpful and insightful things to say.

Lastly, we speak with Deputy Executive Director of the LAB, Caron Whitaker.  This year’s National Bike Summit wrapped up recently and I thought we should all be aware of what resulted in this unusual time of not being able to actually see our legislators face-to-face – well, unless you consider Zoom.

I want to preface my conversation with Caron Whitaker with an apology for the sound quality on Caron’s end.   I was unable to clear up some of the distortion in editing; but, the conversation was too good to discard all together.

This year’s National Bike Summit was, of course, virtual.  What I didn’t expect though was how incredibly successful it turned out to be!