Outspoken Cyclist – 5/29/2021

We talk about advocacy, safety, trails, and planning a lot; and today, we wrap much of that into a conversation with Dave Sndyer, the executive director of CalBike – the California Bicycle Coalition.

Dave was BORN to advocacy… I don’t mean that as literally as it sounds; but, his passion for the work started in college and has never waned.  Today, Dave as the ED of the California Bike Coalition his commitment to safer streets and more people riding is still his focus and he’ s killing it with both ideas and action.

From the $10M eBike Affordability Program to the Bicycle Tourism Initiative, CalBike is paving the way for more people on bikes more of the time – safely. 

Clearly dialed in to what is and needs to happen to keep us safe on California roads as least, I think most any advocacy organization would benefit from some of the work Dave is doing.  And, Dave’s answers to what is most important to preserve any gains we’ve made during COVID in terms of more, better, and safe biking, are spot on.