Outspoken Cyclist – 8/19/2022

It’s amazing that just a few months ago I was wondering where I would get fresh material for the podcast and now, I can barely keep up with all the news, events, legislation, and people who are doing amazing things!

Today, it’s a three-fer! 

We mentioned Classic Bicycle Auburn on the last episode and, I wanted to get more information for you as it’s coming up soon.

Mike Kone, the producer of the show, joins me to talk about the venue – an art deco hall in the Cord Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, Indiana – the seminars – with people like frame builders Stephen Bilenky and Doug Fattic – and even a gentleman who does classic car restoration – who will be speaking about the process and how it relates to bicycles.  There are rides, a swap meet, and more.

Then, we’ll find out about the 30 friendliest cities in which to ride your bike.  Based upon criteria including the weather, safety, air quality, and commuting miles, Emily Thornton, spokesperson for Arris Composites, goes through the process with us, ranking these cities from top to bottom.

Finally, Sergio Bravo, whose advertising and marketing company, Smith Smith + Smith, ASAK S3, and whose clients include many bike industry companies, is finally seeing his idea of a Summit for industry and advocates comes to fruition.

Starting in 2019, Sergio has had to tweak his original idea as COVID, markets, and the business of bicycles has taken a long and very winding road.

But, Cycle of Influence is about to launch in September and I wanted to know more.

If you live in a city with at least 500,000 people, you would have been considered for the Arris Composites’ America’s Best Biking Cities list.  I know you’re wondering who landed where… here’s Arris’ spokesperson, Emily Thornton to fill us in.

Emily Thornton is the spokesperson on behalf of Arris Composites.  The company sounds like a really interesting place to work – except I’m not looking for another job!  Anyway, you can check out the list of American’s Best Biking Cities at arriscomposites.com/best-biking-cities/

September 6th through the 9th there is a new bicycle gathering in Bentonville, Arkansas.  Cycle of Influence is the creation of Sergio Bravo and he’s put together a concept that should result in some innovative and ready-to-implement ideas for bike shops, advocates, and as he says “anyone who wants to see success for the bike industry.”

That would be most of us!

The Cycle of Influence Summit will take place in Bentonville, Arkansas from September 6th-8th.  I would think that you might want to book a few extra days to digest the Summit and ride some of the trails that is making Bentonville the hottest mountain biking place in the U.S.  For more information log on to cycleofinfluence.com and my thanks to Sergio for joining me.