Wordplay: Hoagland

This is Wordplay with George Bilgere and John Donoghue! Enjoy another rousing rendition of the sound of poetry with this week’s show: Hoagland. And as you could probably guess, this week’s playlist features several poems by Tony Hoagland.

-Windchime, by Tony Hoagland
-The New Criticism, by Paul Hostosky
-At the Galleria, by Tony Hoagland
-Heritage, by Louis Jenkins
-Grammar, by Tony Hoagland
-Walking the Dog, by John Stone
-Sentimental Education, by Tony Hoagland


On the Air

Gregory Alan Isakov Caves @5:56
Blondie Hanging On The Telephone @5:53
Felice Brothers ft. Conor Oberst Patti @5:50
Richard Thompson (Crawl Back) Under My Stone @5:45
Dispatch Letter To Lady J @5:41
Elvis Costello & The Imposters There's A Story In Your Voice @5:37
Dip Sure Don't Miss You @5:34
Clarks Hey You @5:30
Raconteurs Now That You're Gone @5:25
Decemberists Traveling On @5:20
Fulton Lights Channel Changing with the Holy Ghost @5:16
LOLO Not Gonna Let You Walk Away @5:14