Wordplay: Voices

This is Wordplay with George Bilgere and John Donoghue! Those Voices you hear are speaking in poems…these poems more specifically:

Who Shows Up At My Poetry Readings, by Kenneth Ronkowitz
Honestly, by John Ashbery
August, by John Updike
Wayon’s Woman, by James Tate
The Apple Orchard, by Dana Gioia
A Little Tooth, by Thomas Lux



On the Air

not specified The Music of the Night @7:54
not specified You and Me (But Mostly Me) @7:50
not specified Penny in my Pocket @7:47
not specified A Brand New Day @7:42
not specified When You're a Addams @7:31
not specified I'm a Believer @7:28
not specified Comedy Tonight @7:20
not specified If Your Mother were here @7:16
not specified No One Murns the Wicked @7:09
not specified Side by Side by Side/ What Would we do Without You @7:00
not specified Sit Down You're Rockin' the Boat @6:56
not specified In a Crowd of Thousands @6:51

The Heights After Hours

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