Outspoken Cyclist – 2/20/2024

We’ve talked about biking and walking infrastructure a lot over the past few years, and it always amazes me that there is so much more to say. For instance…

Crosswalks – who do you think is legally protected in a crosswalk? 

Well, you might be surprised to learn that all pedestrians are protected in crosswalks, yet very few States have protections for cyclists, wheelchairs, even babies in strollers. 

And this is just one issue that my first guest, Dr. Cara Hamann and I talk about in our conversation today.

Cara is an epidemiologist who studies injuries – especially those incurred by cyclists and other road users and she’s got her finger on the pulse of safety.

As we delve into Cara Hamann’s work, we find that she’s got a series of studies relating to safety and injury for vulnerable road users. She an Associate Professor of Epidemiology with targeted interests in Transportation safety, Injury epidemiology, Vulnerable road users (pedestrians, bicycles, etc.) and Global injury prevention

In the second half of the show, I’ll introduce you to Terry Lansdell.

I’m not sure exactly how to categorize him… he’s both ridden and crewed Race Across America, he’s done Race Across the West on a fixed gear bike, he’s been a triathlete, and now he’s the executive director of WalkBike North Carolina as well as a member of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Planning Commission .  See… I don’t have a category for that.

But damn – he is interesting, well spoken, and has some great stories to tell and interesting ideas to convey.

.Terry Lansdell is just fascinating and uber articulate.  From his advice on ultra cycling – such as riding 1000 in a week to see if you can pass muster for a race such as PBP or RAAM, to remembering your place on a trail, including yielding to pedestrians, Terry doesn’t miss a beat.

And get a load of this… since 2013, it’s been illegal for North Carolina department of transportation to spend money on stand alone bicycle projects.  Terry is hoping to change that tool.

I’m not sure how he keeps all the balls in the air at the same time, but damn… he sure seems to.

My thanks to Terry Lansdell for speaking with me.  Follow bikewalkNC.org to take the safety quiz, learn about the September Transportation Summit, and all of the other programs and events happening in the state.