Outspoken Cyclist 6/13/2024

On my last show, I spoke with London cycling Advocate and the truly delightful Carla Francome.  Not a moment after we ended our conversation, Carla sent me a note asking if SHE could interview ME.

Carla had many questions for me, and I hope I didn’t bend her ear too much.

She asked me about my childhood, how I got into the bike business, and of course, about Brian.

As we chatted, I made notes so, if you go to the outspokencyclist’s website, you’ll see links to some of the things we talk about there and well as some photos of our meadows and our beautiful Mimosa tree that has just begun its annual show of amazing pink powder-puff blossoms.

There are also links to places and people I refer to in our conversation.

I hope you enjoy it.