The Outspoken Cyclist

Outspoken Cyclist – 6/30/2018

by on 2018-06-30

Chuck Marohn from Strong Towns catches Diane up on some of his projects and ideas. Loretta Henderson laughs and giggles her way through a delightful interview – except, what she does is serious!


Outspoken Cyclist – 6/23/2018

by on 2018-06-23

Novo Nordisk’s Phil Southerland talks about riding, racing, and living with Type 1 diabetes as well as all this projects. Author Dan De Vise discusses his new book The Comback.


Outspoken Cyclist 6/16/2018

by on 2018-06-16

Eric Oberg from Bikes for the World explains the organization’s work. We elarna bout “tactical urbanism” from Asheville on Bikes’ Executive Director Mike Sule. Diane spouts off about why big rides are shrinking.


Outspoken Cyclist – 6/9/2018

by on 2018-06-09

Grant Petersen.. Rivendell – long conversation! You won’t be disappointed! Then, it’s pro rider TJ Eisenhart and how, at the age of 23, he’s already got 12 years of success under his helmet!


Outspoken Cyclist – 6/2/2018

by on 2018-06-02

Author and race announcer Jamie Smith talks about his new book, American Pro. Apparel designer and actress Sarah Canner explains her Vesptertine line of apparel.


Outspoken Cyclist – 5/26/2018

by on 2018-05-26

Fellow podcaster Elden Nelson talks about his new program Leadville 100; author Joe Mungo Reed and I review his smashing new novel We Begin the Ascent; and an encore presentation of a 2010 interview with SRAM’s F.K. Day.


Outspoken Cyclist – 5/19/2018

by on 2018-05-19

Encore interviews with Rivendell’s Grant Petersen and frame builder Richard Sachs.


Outspoken Cyclist – 5/12/2018

by on 2018-05-12

Frame builder Julie Pedalino and I discuss her love of an interest in the art – fine art – of the handcrafted bicycle. Dr. Norm Houze explains his deCycles Indiana tours for high school students.


Outspoken Cyclist – 5/5/2018

by on 2018-05-05

Tom Helbig talks about his life on the road. Brian Chapman on his style of frame/bike building.


Outspoken Cyclist – 4/28/2018

by on 2018-04-28

First woman to win the Tour de France (for women!) in 1984 Marianne Martin talks about cycling, training, and her current work. Project Poverty founder Brandale Randolph is launched his new company 1854 Cycling to bring a new line of eBikes to the market. His reasons are not what you might expect!


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