The Outspoken Cyclist

Outspoken Cyclist – 11/10/2018

by on 2018-11-10

Tim Blumenthal from People for Bikes talks about the organization’s programs and successes. William Bevington, author of Japanese Steel – Classic Bicycle Design from Japan, delves into the nitty gritty of that country’s peak export years.


Outspoken Cyclist – 11/3/2018

by on 2018-11-03

Author, blogger, and world cyclist Ishbel Rose Holmes talks about her book Saving Lucy. Sean Coffey explains how the Stages Cycling power systems work.


Outspoken Cyclist – 10/27/2018

by on 2018-10-27

Molly Hurford gives us great advice for fall riding. A new idea in tires from retyre i Norway. And, a chat with frame builder Johnny Coast. Good show this week!


Outspoken Cyclist – 10/20/2018

by on 2018-10-20

Encore presentations of two great interviews! Gary Helfrich and Jeff Speck. Each is brilliant, accomplished, and has made hug impacts in their fields.


Outspoken Cyclist – 10/13/2018

by on 2018-10-13

We take a walk through Peter Weigel’s French Fender Days with 6 of his guests. Christine Acosta and Whit Blanton tell us why Pinellas County is probably NOT the most dangerous place to ride in the U.S.


Outspoken Cyclist 10/6/2018

by on 2018-10-06

Pedal Power Promoters’ Christine Acosta talks about bringing cycling, business, and advocacy together in the Tampa St. Pete area. World class triathlete Julie Moss talks about her new memoir Crawl of Fame.


Outspoken Cyclist – 9/29/2018

by on 2018-09-29

NY Times criminal justice reporter Jan Ransom talks about the trial of Dave Lewis who is accused of running over cyclist Dan Hangeby in June. Mike Flanigan of ANT Bikes and I have a long conversation about his journey from his home in Ft. Worth to his frame building shop in Mass.


Outspoken Cyclist – 9/22/2018

by on 2018-09-22

Diane talks with world-record holder Vittoria Bussi, who broke the UCI one-hour record this week. Then, it’s off to Annapolis for a short conversation with Velo-Orange’s Igor Shtenybuk. Finally, we hear the story of Ryan Johnson’s journey to Galaxy Gearworks.


Outspoken Cyclist 9/18/2018

by on 2018-09-15

Diane talks with Matt Manuel from Fluent Frames in Canada. Then she’s off to Provence to speak with Ride and Seek’s Dylan Reynolds. Finally, it’s back to Vermont for a chat with touring bag maker David Cain.


Outspoken Cyclist – 9/8/2018

by on 2018-09-08

Joe Lindsey and Diane chat about some great topics – NASCAR, LeBron, Froome, Bridgestone, and more. Mark Plotz tells Diane about the bike/walk/places conference coming up in New Orleans.


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